Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, ZERO is a platform for you to exchange, manage, and discover BrandCards™.

What’s really cool about it is that ZERO is more than just a storage app for business cards - it’s a dynamic social and professional platform that uses reliable and authenticated information!

Glad you asked. A BrandCard™ is an entirely new term we coined for our cards because you can do so much more than just show your contact information.

A BrandCard™ takes digital business cards to the next level. You can show music videos, picture collages, latest campaigns, personal portfolios, or product showcases all within a dynamic layout.

We designed BrandCards™ so that all users, individuals and companies alike, can express and represent their personality, brand identity, and story in a compact and easily distributable format.

A BlackCard is your company BrandCard™ assigned to you by your company. ZERO equips companies with a centralised system to manage all employee's cards, contacts, and a digital canvas to creatively design and portray their brand identity.

A WhiteCard is a personal BrandCard™ for all of your own creative expressions. You are able to create a digital representation of yourself, your passions, and interests. You can use it to promote your own original, creative craft or projects outside your formal professional career. We understand how important work-life balance is, hence we made it easy for you to be in control of both.

For now, you can only create 1 WhiteCard for personal use.

This is to ensure everyone has a simple and streamlined experience managing and exchanging their BrandCards™, as well as consuming information from other users on the Social Feed.

Only if you are an owner or authorised representative of a company, or else a BlackCard may only be assigned to you by an authorised representative from your company.

A BlackCard may only be assigned to you by an authorised representative from your company.

One of the key features of ZERO is the Integrity Data that prevents identity fraud and misrepresentation. With Integrity Data, you’ll be safe from con artists and scams from fake companies.

Start off by downloading the ZERO app and registering an account, then login to the web portal and add your company from the dashboard. Get more details HERE.

Yes. Multiple companies may assign different BlackCards to you.

You can share it with anyone! ZERO provides the option to share BrandCards™ within or outside ZERO either by email, instant messaging, social media, or in websites.

It’s our dream to connect everyone under a platform that combines both work and personal networks, and that is the beauty of ZERO.

Click on the BrandCard™ tab on the bottom right of the screen. This opens up the list of your BrandCards™ for you to start exchanging.

ZERO provides 3 different options for sharing BrandCards™.

  • Hybrid shares with non-ZERO users.
  • Exchange shares with ZERO users.
  • Echo broadcasts out to multiple people in the room.

Yes. One of our awesome features is the Echo button, which allows you to broadcast your BrandCard™ to a room of people.

All received BrandCards™ will be saved in your ZERO contact list.

Because everything is digitised, you’ll never need to worry about losing or forgetting any contact again.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything through our CONTACT US form, or contact Mr. ZERO, the app’s Butler, through the app’s contacts list.

Our customer relationship team will be more than happy to answer any enquiries or receive your valued feedback.